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A Web Designer - Agency or Freelance?

Do you need a web designer agency or freelancer? Great question. The simple answer is this: Do you want customisation? Do you want a look and feel that is unique, with great communication at every stage, and to obtain a product that no one else can replicate and obtain without breaking the bank? An agency is the way to go. 

So why Mirror Image Agency, then? The answer is simple: we can deliver you anything you want, but for a price that will make you rub your eyes. We have extra benefits too, allowing you to choose a free bonus from two different options that costs up to an extra £300! You won’t see anyone else doing this. So, the bottom line is this: Why spend thousands when you can get the same results with us for a lot less and more reliably? 

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So why not go for a website creation platform such as Wix or Squarespace? Well, you simply won’t get customisation with those sites. And not only that, if you want a certain feature that is niched down, good luck! You have very little control over these templates, so you will look the same as everyone else, and your brand simply will not pop! (boo!)

The obvious factor here is pricing; these sites are great for pricing. But here at MIA, we have three different finance options to choose from, allowing our websites to be available to all, not just those who can invest a lump sum upfront! Great, huh?


Discover how we get you your new website below.

1. Design

Let’s iron out what design you want. If you aren’t sure, let us do the heavy lifting here.

2. Pages

Inform us of all the pages you want for your website.

3. domain

Give us access to your current domain, or we can create and host you a new one—your choice!

4. media

Hand over all existing media for your company so we can build the website in accordance with showing off your brand, staff, and products.

Pricing plans for your new website

As promised, we have three different pricing plans for your new website. Let’s run through them here:

Pricing plan 1

Pay for entire website fully + recieve free gift

Pricing plan 2

Pay for half of the website, then the second half on the second month + recieve free gift

Pricing plan 3

Pay for 25% of the website over the course of four months + recieve free gift

You See?

Now it's time to change your business for the better; additionally, grab your freebie when purchasing a new website with us. To conclude, click the "GET STARTED" button to begin.

Let's get started on boosting your business TODAY!

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