Email marketing

Why Email Marketing?

Connect with the customers that mean the most to your business.

Email marketing has stamped its name in marketing as being the most cost-effective method of marketing. This is because the set-up costs are so minimal, and the ROI can be staggering when it’s done right. Furthermore, the average ROI in email marketing is a whopping 3,800%! To put that into context, for every £1 that is spent on email marketing, people can see a return of £38.

Building an email list is key to a successful brand with a consistent stream of recurring revenue. It’s a fantastic way of drawing existing customers back to your brand. Additionally, it can be used not only to sell your products or services but also to help your existing customer base solve problems themselves. And this allows you to connect with your customers better, which will therefore open you up to serving them again!

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Benefits of Email


Cost Efficient

This method of marketing allows you to lower your spend and maximize your results.

Increased Cash Flow

Because you're marketing to existing customers, it's a great way of increasing your monthly cash flow as you are already marketing to people who know and trust you.

Connect With Your Audience

Educate your customers and help them solve common problems they're facing. As a result, you're further building trust and loyalty between you and your customers.

Matthew Ford

Acer spades Gardening

“This company offers a great, quick response service. And so I would highly recommend them due to the high quality they deliver and making it easy and stress free for the customer. Also, the communication between the company and yourself when needing their support and services is quick and reliable. They really know what they are doing and will deliver something outstanding for you.”

You See?

Connect with your existing customers and build a loyal army for your business. Click the "GET STARTED" button below to start increasing your cashflow.

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