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Lewis Ford - Founder

"I have found what I want out of a career, helping people and technology. Creating a SMMA is a business model I believe in and offers opportunity for growth within myself and the business. Having clients that we care for and achieving incredible results is something that will always excite me."
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Years of collective IT experience

Cameron Ford - Co Founder

"I've always believed in going the extra mile for people. Not only am I part of a business that I'm passionate about, but I can also help other businesses grow as well. I have always had a specific interest in technology, which landed me a job in IT. This has given me the advantage of developing a strategic mindset, which I can use for clients."
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Scott Taylor - Co Founder

"Its always been my passion, to help and assist others. This is why I believe this business goes hand in hand with my values; it allows me to help and better myself while also helping other people achieve what they want to achieve. Additionally, I'm a very understanding person, so I feel like this will benefit my clients in order for them to see the best results. This is a great motivator for me."
Individuals dedicated to your business

mirror image agency History

Mirror Image Agency is a marketing agency in Hampshire, which has a small team of three for now, consisting of two twin brothers, Cameron and Lewis. Furthermore, the third member is their cousin, Scott.

Before we started this company, we were thinking about how we could help people while tying our passions to it. With this in mind, we began our business journey by creating a marketing agency in Hampshire.

Eventually, we started growing together spiritually and religiously, dedicating some of our free time to churches in our local area.

We’ve always sought to give back to people, and as we feel we have been blessed through the gift of life, going to church only enhances these values.

Finally, we are extremely motivated to help local businesses grow, as sometimes this can be a huge bottleneck within their business. As a result, we’ve started to build websites because it can be extremely difficult to know where to start. Especially when you have heaps of other tasks and worries on your list.


Saved by Jesus.

our values


Our commitment to our faith is an example of our loyalty to our customers.

Team Work

Putting our relationship first allows for a smoother and happier working environment.


Being honest is the key to a healthy business & personal relationship.

Fair pricing

We are here to help a business owner, not sell a service for a quick buck.


Communicating every stage to keep you in the loop.

Problem Solving

Solving the problems within your business that are holding you back.

ready to build A future with us?

Let’s begin your journey to further success with target-crushing capabilities. Build a future around your sacred brand and business for further sustainability and to maximise your growth potential.

mirror image agency
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